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Hands-blue-hero Your Rights

You Have the Right to Sexual Health Services and Privacy – It’s the Law!

If a clinic says you need your parents’ permission to get any of these services, as described on this page:

  • Tell them you CAN get these services yourself under the California Health and Safety Code
  • If you think any of your rights are being violated, call the ACLU of Southern California at 213-977-5253.

Your Right to Services - Any Age

You can get these services at any age without anyone’s permission:

  • Birth control
  • Condoms
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Prenatal care
  • Emergency contraception (“morning-after pill”)
  • Abortion services
  • Treatment for sexual assault or rape

Your Right to Services - Age 12 or Older

If you are age 12 or older, you can also get these services without anyone’s permission:

  • STD and HIV testing and treatment
  • STD and HIV prevention services, including PEP and PrEP, and vaccinations for HPV and Hep B
  • Mental health services
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Your Right to Privacy

Your doctor CANNOT tell your parents (or anyone who is not helping to give you health care) about your visit, unless YOU say so.

There are some exceptions to this rule. The doctor may need to tell someone to help keep you safe, if they think:

  • Someone is hurting you
  • You might hurt someone else, or yourself
  • You’re age 15 or younger and you have an older sex partner (especially a much older one)

Your Right to Understand Your Care

You have the right to:

  • Get care without being judged
  • Know your test results and what they mean
  • Choose or refuse any procedure, test, or treatment
  • Have anything explained to you

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