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Animated videos on sexual health to reduce stigma

hw-link www.amaze.org
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California Foster Care Ombudsperson

Help line for anyone who has been in foster care.

hw-tel (877) 846-1602
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Family PACT

California program that provides family planning and STD/HIV prevention services to low-income residents, including most youth.

hw-link www.familypact.org


Info on PrEP and PEP, and where to get them

hw-tel (844) 932-7737 hw-link www.getprepla.com

I Know

Home STD test kit for females 26 and under

hw-tel (800) 758-0880 hw-link www.dontthinkknow.org

LA County STD/HIV Hotline

Info on HIV and STDs testing and treatment

hw-tel (800) 758-0880 hw-link www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/dhsp
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Minor Consent Medi-Cal and Emergency Medi-Cal Sign-up

To sign up for Minor Consent and Emergency Medi-Cal, call the toll-free number, or use the link to find a DPSS office near you.

hw-tel (866) 613-3777 hw-link www.dpss.lacounty.gov
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Planned Parenthood

National Planned Parenthood website, with lots of information on a wide range of sexual health topics.

For local Planned Parenthood clinics, see Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

hw-link www.plannedparenthood.org
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Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Reproductive health care provider in LA

hw-tel (800) 576-5544 hw-link www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-los-angeles
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Sex, Etc.

Info, resources and forums on teen sexual health

hw-link www.sexetc.org
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Youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health info and resources

hw-link www.teensource.org
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Your Health Your Rights

Info on youth health care access and rights

hw-tel (800) 376-4636 hw-link www.yourhealthyourrights.org

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